The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Movies on Netflix

As the holiday season unfurls its red and green tapestry across homes and hearts, many of us find solace and joy in the timeless tradition of watching Christmas Movies on Netflix. Netflix, with its ever-expanding repertoire, serves as a modern-day Santa’s sack brimming with festive films. 

Christmas Movies on Netflix
Christmas Movies on Netflix

From heartwarming classics to fresh originals, the streaming giant has transformed the way we indulge in our Christmas movie marathons. Let’s unwrap this guide to discover the magic of Christmas movies on Netflix, where every selection promises to sprinkle a little more joy into your holiday season.

I. The Allure of Christmas Movies on Netflix

The charm of Christmas movies lies in their ability to weave stories of love, family, and the simple joys of life into the festive tapestry of the holiday season. Netflix capitalizes on this charm by offering a smorgasbord of holiday films at our fingertips. 

These movies, often characterized by twinkling lights, snow-laden scenes, and mistletoe moments, provide an escape into worlds where holiday miracles are just a snowflake away. Netflix’s user-friendly platform makes accessing these movies as easy as a click, ensuring that the spirit of the holidays is never more than a play button away.

II. Top Christmas Movies on Netflix This Season

Each year, Netflix curates a list of films that become the season’s must-watches. This year is no exception, with the platform featuring instant hits like “The Christmas Chronicles,” where the adventure of two children takes us on a sleigh ride across the night sky, and “Klaus,” an animated tale that reimagines the origin of Santa Claus. 

A Christmas Prince
A Christmas Prince

Not to be missed is the sequel to “A Christmas Prince,” which promises to continue its feel-good royal romance. These films are the tip of the iceberg, with many more waiting to be queued up for your viewing pleasure.

III. Hidden Gems: Underrated Christmas Movies on Netflix

Beneath the blockbuster surface lie underrated gems that resonate with the heart’s quieter corners. “The Holiday Calendar” is one such film, blending romance with the magical realism of an advent calendar that predicts the future. 

The Holiday Calendar

“Christmas Inheritance” tells the story of a socialite finding purpose in a small town, a narrative that carries a warmth often sought during the holidays. These titles may not top the popularity charts, but they hold a charm that could make them your next favorite holiday tradition.

IV. How Netflix is Shaping New Christmas Traditions

Netflix isn’t just streaming Christmas classics; it’s actively shaping the holiday culture with a slew of original movies. With its ability to reach millions of homes worldwide, Netflix originals like “Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey” bring fresh stories and diverse casts to the forefront, crafting new holiday legends. These originals are becoming the new staples of the Christmas season, with families gathering around screens to watch stories unfold in ways they relate to now more than ever.

V. Tips for a Netflix Christmas Movie Marathon

Planning the perfect Christmas movie marathon involves more than just a list of titles. It’s about creating an ambiance with cozy blankets, hot cocoa, and a string of fairy lights. It’s about knowing when to mix in an animated short for the kids or a rom-com for the teens. Take breaks between features to discuss plot twists and share in the joy of the season. Curate your playlist to alternate between drama and laughter, ensuring that your marathon keeps spirits high from start to finish.

Best Christmas Movies on Netflix 2023
Best Christmas Movies on Netflix 2023


Netflix’s selection of Christmas movies offers something for everyone, inviting viewers to revel in the merry and bright of the season. Whether you’re looking for a cheerful family film, a romantic holiday story, or a Christmas comedy, Netflix delivers a package of options right to your living room. As the winter wind howls outside, gather your loved ones, settle into the comfort of your holiday-decorated haven, and let Netflix’s Christmas movies fill the room with holiday cheer.

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