Trends we’re ready to leave behind

Trends we’re ready to leave behind
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As the world keeps turning, fashion, culture, and technology trends come in and out of style with lightning speed. We’re wired to keep up and stay fresh, so it’s no surprise that certain looks and ideas are reached or passed their expiration date almost immediately. We’ve gathered up a list of trends we’ve had enough of and are ready to take a break from. Here’s a rundown of what to leave in the past.

As we step into a brand new year, it’s time to bid farewell to the outdated trends of the past. Now’s the perfect time to give your wardrobe a refresh and try out trendy new looks!

  • Say goodbye to mini skirts and short hemlines. Rock the longer hemline trend and choose maxi skirts, midis and high-low hemmed pieces.
  • Sneakers with everything? Not anymore. Move away from casual vibes and opt for chic strappy heels.
  • Forget neon colours and start embracing more muted tones like pastels and pearl pinks.

With 2021’s fashion trends set to be big and bold and all about statement pieces and mix-match prints, now is the time to get creative and make effortless styling easy – have fun!

2. Looking Forward: What’s Going Out of Style

As any true fashion aficionado well knows, the key to staying up to date with trends is to keep a keen eye on what’s going out of style. So what are the upcoming fashion faux pas that won’t be around for long? Here’s what to watch for:

Fussy Details: Goodbye bows, ruffles and anything else that feels too constructed or painstakingly crafted. Simplicity is the name of the game going forward in fashion. Think clean cut lines, minimal embellishments and neutral colors. Think timeless, classic pieces that will outlast the trends.

Constraining silhouettes: While the ultra-fitted look certainly had its moment, it’s soon to be a thing of the past. Instead, opt for looser, more relaxed shapes and fabrics that lend themselves to a feeling of freedom. Try different layers, add a bit of structure with a blazer atop a sheer shirt or billowy skirt.

  • No more fussy details
  • Say goodbye to constraining silhouettes
  • Think clean cut lines and minimal embellishments

2020 has been filled with huge changes, and the fashion world was no exception. Many of the trends that came out of the year will be remembered fondly for years to come. However, there were some that did not go down so well with the masses. Here are 2020’s worst trends:

  • The puffed-up sleeve: Oversized sleeves became especially popular in 2020, but unfortunately, it also turned many people off. These balloon-like constructions often looked like an adult playing dress-up.
  • The pop sock: Pop socks, or “thigh-high” socks were popular towards the end of 2020. Thankfully this trend has died off, as the look was often unflattering and aged many wearers.
  • The “dad sneaker”: Oversized “dad sneakers” became a trend throughout 2020, but many people feel like they look dated, which instantly made them a fashion faux-pas.

2020’s fashion trends may have had some ups and downs, but they have all been valuable in teaching us lessons for when fashion trends come and go. All fashion trends may not be for everyone, but that’s okay, as long as style is still embraced and celebrated. So don’t be afraid to wear something out of the ordinary and keep your eye on the new trends for 2021!

4. Fashion Revolutions: What’s In for 2021

Retro Chic

It’s time to go back in time and get groovy. The ’70s have made a major comeback, from bell-bottom jeans to pleated skirts, tie dye tops and beret hats. Get a timeless look with modern embroidered blouses in vibrant floral motifs and chunky knits for those chilly days. Wear a classic denim jacket with a pair of sandals for a chic finish.

Neutrals are in

Warm neutrals like beige, brown, camel and olive are the colors of the season, when set against brighter colors or as a statement in their own right. Choose to break-up the look with metallic accessories in copper and gold and fashion-forward jewellery to compliment the look. Simple cuts and styles, such as straight-leg jeans, wrap dresses and tunics, provide an effortless yet modish style.

5. Faddish Faux Pas: Avoiding Further Disaster

Fashion trends are always changing and keeping up can be difficult. However, some fashion faux pas stay constant and should be avoided at all costs. Here is a brief list of five of the most glaringly obvious faux pas and how to avoid them for any kind of fashion emergency.

  • Jeans and a Tee: Jeans and a tee are great on their own, but together they can be a horrendous pairing. Style-savvy folk know that you should remember to tuck in your shirt and add a belt to any jean and t-shirt combo.
  • Inappropriate Footwear: Know your event and dress accordingly. Heels are generally not appropriate for the beach and dress shoes are a no-go for a casual dinner. Consider your environment and choose the right shoes for the job.
  • Logo Overload: Adopting one designer’s entire look is a definite no-no. The lesson here is to mix it up with different designers and brands to come up with an overall look that is completely unique and customized.
  • Mismatching Patterns and Colors: Going wild with patterns can quickly spiral out of control. Keep the look in check by using only a few colors and a single pattern in one outfit. This will ensure you don’t look like a zebra.
  • Going Overboard with Accessories: Taking your whole jewelry stash to the beach or a date night is not a good idea. Choose a few strategic pieces that will add a subtle touch to the overall look.

It can be difficult to separate the faddish from the fabulous, but doing so will ensure you never make a fashion faux pas again. By following these items and making them part of your few faux pas commandments, this will lead you down the right path the fashionable way.

Yesterday has already become a thing of the past. What was ‘in’ yesterday is probably already ‘out’ today! So it pays to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to fashion, lifestyle, and taste. How can you do this? We suggest:

  • Make friends with the trendsetters: Get to know the hippest crowd and you’ll always be one step ahead.
  • Check online regularly: You can never underestimate the power of the web. Check out the leading sites for new ideas and inspirations.
  • Try something new: Don’t be afraid to be the first one to try a trend. You might just end up setting the trend yourself!

You don’t have to cling tightly to yesterday’s styles. Move on and enjoy the present. Explore new and exciting trends, step into the unknown and who knows, you might end up becoming the trendsetter of tomorrow!

Fashion is always changing, which may be a good thing when it comes to certain trends. It can feel like a breath of fresh air to start over and try out something new. However, it can also be fun to look back on the styles of years past, no matter how much we may have wanted to leave them behind.

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